Upcoming Daf HaYomi B’Halacha Test

משנה ברורה
סימן רמ”ב סעיף א’ עד סימן רמ”ח

Optional Daf HaYomi B’Halacha tests are administered once a month, usually on a Sunday.
See a listing of the testing sites below. Tests are generally administered at 7:00, unless otherwise noted.
To read more about the bechinos, click here

Agudath Israel of Greenspring
107 Greenspring Ave (Downstairs in the social hall)
Boca Raton Synagogue
7900 Montoya Circle N.
Kollel Tiferes Yaakov Yosef D’Spinka
1466 56th St.
Please call 732-674-0840.
Please call 773-761-4005.
Please call 513-884-6482.
Derech HaTorah
1700 S. Taylor Rd.
Please call 440-278-1121.
Call: 732-995-5814
Bais Haknesses Hagra
14561 Lincoln Dr.
Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv
1 Cedar Lawn Ave.
(In upstairs Bais Medrash)

Yeshiva Gedola of Five Towns
218 Mosher Ave

Mirrer Yeshiva H.S.
1795 Ocean Parkway

Kollel B’nei Torah
2925 Ave. K (Corner of K & Nostrand)

Young Israel of Houston
7823 Ludington
169 Barnes Blvd
Yeshiva Ketana
120 2nd St (Upstairs)
Congregation Ohel Simha
295 Park Avenue
Kollel Yechiel Yehuda
444 North La Brea Ave
*Tests administered at this site at 6:20.
Please call 212-787-7772.
Call: 305-532-8991
Please call 414-447-7999.
3 Buchanan Unit 101
Yeshiva Bais Dovid
20 West Maple Ave
Meor Hagolah
2800 Bates Rd
Bais Hamedrash Hagadol
Truman Ave
Tiferes Israel
180 Passaic Ave (downstairs)
Phoenix Community Kollel
6516 North 7th St. Suite 104
Please call 732-668-4641
Please call 908-910-5733
Ohr Hachaim
141-61 71st Ave.
Kollel Tosh
#2 Beth Halevy
Please call 718-530-4543.
Machzikei Hadas
600 Monroe Ave
Bais Medrash L’ Torah
7135 N. Carpenter Rd.
*Tests administered at this site at 6:00.
Yeshiva Gedolah of South Fallsburg
84 Laurel Park Rd (Mesivta Bais Medrash)
Agudas Yisroel
8200 Delmar Blvd.
YSI Campus
Please call 917-538-7285.
4576 Yonge St
7th floor
(Park underground)
Mesivta Sanz
3400 New York Ave.
*Tests administered at this site at 7:45.
Please call 203-233-3228.
Bnos Yaakov D’ Vishnitz
12 Franklin Ave (Dining Room)