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Hilchos Tefillin 36 (page 125)

מאות כ עד אות מ

An Improperly Formed Chaf

Similarities Between a Tes and a Lamed

Forming the Long Letters

914d1f8a-713b-48e2-a4b2-9b6a5109d985.jpgAn improperly formed chaf

The upper and lower right hand corners of the chaf should be rounded. It is pasul if either one is squared. If the upper corner is squared and the lower one is rounded, the letter can probably be fixed if a qualified child reads it as a chaf. This is true even in tefillin and mezuzos, where there is a k’sidron requirement, because the letter conforms to the basic form. A second opinion permits repair even when the bottom corner is squared [and a child reads it correctly]. There is a machlokes as to whether a chaf written like this >