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Hilchos Tefillin 47 (page 152)

מסימן מז סעיף ד עד סעיף ט

Listening to a Shiur Before Birchos HaTorah

When Learning is Required Immediately After Davening

Considering Ahavas Olam of Ma’ariv as Birchos HaTorah

42149388-0761-4679-8466-4fefca98bb1f.jpgListening to a shiur before Birchos HaTorah

Some poskim permit thinking Torah thoughts prior to Birchos HaTorah since thought is not considered speech. Other poskim hold that although thought is not considered speech, Birchos HaTorah are still required because Torah thoughts are also a mitzva (the commandment of "and you shall think about it"). The poskim discuss whether listening to Torah speech is considered like speaking or thinking. One aspect of the discussion is the question of listening to recorded Torah. It is permissible to perform mitzvos before Birchos HaTorah even though the person doing the mitzva will think about the halachos while doing it.

(סעיף ד וס"ק ה ו־ז; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 10)

501d7bd8-200d-444a-960a-5976a2f12f3d.jpgWhen learning is required immediately after davening

Someone who realized in middle of pesukei dezimra that he forgot to recite Birchos HaTorah should recite them at that point. If he already began the berachos of Shema he should bear in mind to fulfill the obligation while reciting Ahavah Rabbah (Ahavas Olam, for nusach Sefard). He should learn some Torah immediately after Shemoneh Esrei to help the beracha take effect, and he should be careful not to interrupt with mundane talk before this learning. According to some poskim, if he did not learn immediately after Shemoneh Esrei, his prior recitation of Shema can be considered learning b’dieved. Many poskim, however, do not consider Shema as learning and require Birchos HaTorah if learning did not take place right after Shemoneh Esrei.

(סעיף ז-ח, ס"ק יג, טו ו־יז, וביה"ל ד"ה אם; ביאורים ומוספעם דרשו, 18)

15b502ac-59f4-4b18-b6cc-f59f17bd7396.jpgConsidering Ahavas Olam of ma’ariv as Birchos HaTorah

The beracha of Ahavas Olam recited during ma’ariv can also count as Birchos HaTorah if needed (as we will learn tomorrow). The poskim discuss whether a bar mitzva boy must bear in mind to fulfill his obligation this way on the night of his bar mitzvah, since when he said the beracha in the morning he was only obligated mid’rabonon, but by evening he is obligated mid’oraisa.

(ס"ק יג; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 16)

96edf064-7b37-4b83-9033-a950a1c3b0e1.jpg 912b4d84-e323-40fe-94ef-f3a1abd33651.jpg
  • According to many poskim, Birchos HaTorah are d’oraisa, and a question about them is treated stringently as a safek d’oraisa. Other poskim, however, hold that these berachos are only mid’rabonon.
  • All forms of Torah (Mikra, Mishna, Gemara, Halacha and Medrash) require Birchos HaTorah and may not be studied prior to their recitation. Using Torah phrases as figures of speech does not require Birchos HaTorah.
  • The first of Birchos HaTorah is a beracha on the mitzva similar to the beracha recited before performing all mitzvos. The second beracha praises Hashem for His gift of the Torah and is an appreciation of the Torah.
  • Interrupting between the berachos and learning Torah
  • When is sleep a hefesk?
  • Are Birchos HaTorah required every day?
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