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Avoiding pas akum during aseres yemi teshuva

To prevent us from becoming too homey with non-Jews, Chazal forbade bread baked by non-Jews even when there is no concern about its kashrus. Chazal’s main focus was on bread that a goy baked at home for his family. According to many poskim, bread baked for sale (pas palter) may be eaten. Being that it is a commercial enterprise it is less likely that the Jews and non-Jews will develop a dangerously close relationship (Y.D. 212). If a Jew was involved with lighting the oven [or placed the bread in it] it is permitted even if the goy prepared it for his family.

(סימן תרג, סעיף א וס"ק א; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 2)

Hilchos Tefillin 40 (page 137)

מתחילת סימן מ עד סעיף ג

Suspending an Aron Kodesh

Fasting when Tefillin Fall

Double Covering Sefarim

6f21ce15-800b-45ea-aa4e-8dd55a70db67.jpgSuspending an aron kodesh

It is forbidden to hang tefillin (the actual bayis as well as the retzuos) from a hook; doing so is considered disrespectful. Likewise, it is forbidden to suspend sefarim by their pages or binding. It is permissible to hang up a bag containing tefillin or other holy writings. A sefer Torah may not be suspended even when it is placed inside something else. As such, it is forbidden to hang an aron kodesh by bolting it to a wall. Instead, the aron kodesh should rest directly on the floor or on a stand.

(סעיף א וס"ק א-ג; וראה ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 3)

78ef0687-203d-4fa9-bd0f-25a52b0e4b0f.jpgFasting when tefillin fall

There is an ancient custom of fasting for a day if one drops tefillin on the floor, since their falling is viewed as a message from Heaven to repent. Yeshiva students who find it hard to fast may exempt themselves by putting extra time into learning on that day. The elderly and infirm may contribute to tzedaka instead of fasting. If the tefillin were in their bag (or otherwise contained or wrapped) when they fell, it is not necessary to fast. Nevertheless, a small amount should be contributed to charity. If a sefer Torah falls, all those present should fast even if it was cloaked.

(ס"ק ג; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 8, 11 ו־12, וראה עוד שם)

36b1cb15-06da-4dec-a3c2-170bcb5ea698.jpgDouble covering sefarim

There are situations where the halacha requires kisvei kodesh to be double wrapped. An item wrapped in this way is called kli besoch kli (utensil within a utensil). At least one of the wrappers cannot be the standard cover for that item. Therefore, tefillin encased in their hard plastic boxes and velvet bags will still need an additional covering. The poskim discuss whether modern sefarim which are produced by the push of a button require a double wrapping or if one is sufficient.

(סעיף ב, ס"ק ד, ה, ז ו־ח; וראה ביה"ל ד"ה אסור; ביאורים ומוספים דרשו, 15)

96edf064-7b37-4b83-9033-a950a1c3b0e1.jpg 912b4d84-e323-40fe-94ef-f3a1abd33651.jpg
  • If a goy has a sefer Torah, tefillin, or mezuzah and is demanding an exuberant price, the item should not be purchased. Buying at the high price will encourage the goy to steal other holy objects for the ransom.
  • There is a halachic principle that an individual witness may testify regarding issurim. According to the Rama, the witness must also be someone trustworthy/muchzak bekashrus (i.e. someone who dons talis and tefillin, davens three times a day, washes his hands before he eats, and generally conducts a Torah home).
  • Tefillin that were made correctly and are worn regularly never need to be inspected. It is admirable to occasionally check the thinner, older-style tefillin even when they are maintained well because they can suffer damage from sweat.
  • Sitting on a box of sefarim
  • Eating while wearing tefillin
  • What is considered a snack?
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